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These places are the ultimate destinations that are most probably on your list of – “Must Visit Destinations Before You Die”! And usually the furthest in distance.

Range of Resort Ratings:
Mid-High to High


The dive holiday destinations that are definitely a divers’ dream and only a short flight away via budget airlines for most of them! Best value packages with reasonable pricing at great destinations!

Range of Resort Ratings:
Mid to Mid-high  


No leave or one day leave required. Most trips fall on public holiday weekends. The ideal opportunity to take a leave of absence, all thanks to holidays-in-lieu!

Range of Resort Ratings:
Mid to Mid-high  


No leave required. Hop on the trip over any weekend in the year when you feel that need to unplug from the city life!

Range of Resort Ratings:
Budget to mid-high

Trending Destinations



Experience the magic that lies beneath the water’s surface in the sunny Maldives. Breath-taking topography covered in polyps & giant coral ands make up the stunning backgrounds to gorgeous reef fish & crustaceans. Manta Rays, sharks and other pelagics welcome divers as you drift along the currents that circle the Maldives.

MV Sachika Liveaboard offers luxury cruising with both indoor and outdoor entertainment on board.Feast on buffet meals in the dining hall, where you start and end your dive days chatting with like-minded divers. A private massage room awaits you – the perfect way to round off the trip of your dreams.



Malapascua, Philippines

Rev up your adrenaline as you dive with Thresher Sharks at the Monad Shoal! Dive the Dona Marilyn Wreck & witness how the marine life has claimed this sunken ferry. Admire graceful Devil, Eagle & Manta Rays swoop by as you come to grips with just how much our oceans have to offer.

Be surrounded by palm trees, sand & hammocks in lazy beach front lodging. Enjoy full-board privileges at the island’s top-rated restaurant. Swap stories every evening at the Craic House with fellow divers.



Tenggol Island, Malaysia

Dive along the Whale shark migration route from August to October. The stunning coral formations make a brilliant backdrop to all kinds of marine life, so bring your camera to capture the beauty. From Eagle Rays to Christmas Tree Worms, no diver is disappointed with Tenggol’s offering.

Live right at the fringe of lush tropical jungle in classic wooden chalets. Can’t get enough of the ocean? Snorkel in the exclusive lagoon right outside the island. No need to bring your own chili sauce – murder mouth-watering Malaysian meals instead!


Top Dive Resorts


Pier Uno Resort & Dive Center

The resort is situated at Anilao Batangas, two hours away from Manila. a popular place for divers and snorkelers over the weekends. The water surrounding the area is teeming with marine life with plenty of corals and amazing diversity of fishes.


Cocotinos Boutique Dive Resort

Luxurious accommodation in the Southwest coast of Lombok – villas, rooms, restaurant, spa and professional dive services. Cocotinos Sekotong is a 4-star boutique beach resort and spa, set amidst a coconut grove in Sekotong Bay, on the southwest corner of Lombok Island.


Lumba Lumba Dive Centre

A professional Dutch-Indonesian dive operation in a great dive shop. Open since 1998, Lumba Lumba Diving Centre has become a meeting point on Gapang Beach, a hub of activity from where the diving starts, a friendly ‘n welcoming place where you can feel at home.

Expert Tips from Dive Pros'

Wonder Wee

PADI OW Instructor

What I really love about diving is being able to have conversations and learn about the stories of people from all walks of life. Every diver has a story to tell. And they have never failed to surprise me.
Every diver has a story to tell and they have never failed to surprise me.

Mitch Chong

PADI OW Instructor

Dive trips companion are the most important! You’re gonna be with the group for the rest of the week and diving is all about the community. Next, of course choosing who to book with and one-stop booking is ideal for me.
Dive trips companion are the most important!

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